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how do we book with you? 

do you meet with clients before booking?

Easy. Fill this LINK out, I'll respond within the hour, and before you know it we will be planning your wedding and sending hilarious GIFs. 

Heck yes. Through PPA. Your photographer better be insured. Hit me up for my POI.  

Yes + No. I make sure to put everything you need out there for you to make your best decision. I always schedule a phone call after you inquire and if you need a face to face before booking then I got you! Otherwise, I do my best to share all the things so you can get back to living your life and feeling good about your decision to give us your final rose. 

 shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III + a Canon 5D Mark IV. My lenses I use are: Canon 50mm 1.2, Canon 35mm 1.4, Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 100mm macro 2.8, and a Canon 24-70mm 2.8. I also have an array of lighting equipment.

It depends on the amount of coverage you book. I typically rendor 50+ edited images / hour. 

Yasss. ALWAYS! When I say we gotchu--I mean it! We have doubles of everything. 

What is the retainer fee?

How many images   will we receive?  

1 million dollars. But I can also live with $1,000.00

How far in advance should I book? 

Most brides book anywhere between 9-15 months in advance. 

Six weeks prior to your wedding date. 

How long will it take for us to get our images? 

Eight weeks. But between you + me-- I hear there might be some under promising + over delivering going on over here. 

When is my final payment due? 

Are you insured? 

What gear do you shoot with?

Do you bring back up gear?

Do you backup your images?

Will we receive raw, unedited photos? 

Always. I back them up the night of the wedding to my imac as well as two separate external hard drives

No. I hate to crush your dreams if you thought this was a thing, but it's not. Even if you had the software to pull up the raw images on your computer, we work hard to make sure we give you an entire experience and that includes beautifully edited images. 

Yo girl likes to eat, so YES. But truly, no one likes to have their photo taken while stuffing their face. We take a 25 min break and are fully aware when speeches will begin.

Will it always be you + your husband shooting or will I have another second shooter? 

My fiance HATES getting his picture taken. Any advice?

Josh is the main second shooter, YES. But he is in the air force reserves so some weddings will land on his one weekend out of the month. In the event that happens, we have a handful of photographers we LOVE working with and have similar styles to ours and we’ve come to know and trust. Whomever we bring on to replace Josh will 100% be a professional.

Do you offer other sessions? 

Yes. I offer engagements, bridal sessions, rehearsal dinner coverage, and boudoir sessions. 

Can I bring my pet to an engagement session? 

I would be offended if you didn’t. 

Do you have a backup plan incase you are sick or there is an emergency?

I love your work, but your out of my budget, do you offer discounts? 

Do we need to feed you?

I’m awkward in front of the camera, HELP!