You need a bomb photographer for a steal, and I HEAR YOU sis. I know budgets + bottom lines are a real thing so when it comes to investing in a wedding vendor, the juice has got to be worth the squeeze. Again, same page. Though I run a business, I am in the business of people. I work hard to meet my couples where they are at. If you find I'm out of budget, but love my work / vibe, seriously HIT A GIRL UP, I like real AF people who know what they like + want.

money stuff.

about the

collections begin at $3,000

 "Lauren was so great and very ATTENTIVE! She was QUICK to respond to texts, calls, and emails."

-danielle & travis

yass.  where do i sign?


collections begin at $500

“My FIANCE hates getting photos done, but after our engagement session he said he actually HAD A GOOD TIME. That alone shows me we made the RIGHT CHOICE.”

-samantha & james

gimme. gimme.


collections begin at $2,000

“Lauren is the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER I ever met! I'm from Hong Kong and I found her on Instagram. Lauren is PATIENT+DETAIL-MINDED when it comes to planning a destination wedding."

-CINDY & james

let's freakin' go!




rosemary beach

 THAT third DATE kinda FEELING.

I'm talking all the warm + fuzzies